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Shooting from the Heart

I love my job. No, really, I. LOVE. My. Job. Why? For one day (in my case 4 days out of a month hehe), I am part of a family. I am right there when a bride is getting ready. I feel the jitters when it's almost time to walk down that isle. I get to laugh with Grooms and Best Men as they make jokes about each other. I meet grandmothers, mothers, aunts, uncles, and little ones looking their best. I coo at sweet moments. And the best part? I get to capture every single moment.

For some, a wedding photographer is about making tons of money and dealing with clients they hate behind closed doors. Not me. I gain new friends. Meet people who I may never have met. And I am smack in the middle of everything. To me, it's the best seat in the house. People ask me all the time: "How do you do it? How can you deal with so much in one day?" And I tell them, "I do it all with a smile." You gotta have heart.

My sister, Joni, who passed away years ago, lived her life with a smile on her face and love in her heart. And I do that everyday. Does it show?

Joni Heart Photography is an all inclusive studio, offering photo and video in one stop. No need to shop around for different vendors in the same category. We make it easy to customize what matters to you most. Video? We got it! Wedding albums? We got it! Photobooth? We got that too!

In addition to wedding video and photography, we can package a special boudoir session. When your family begins to grow, we love to come back to show off your baby bump.

Your moments. Remembered.

I'm Jina and Joni is my sister. Contact me, I love to chat with you!!