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Behind the Lens

My name is Jina and I'm the woman behind the lens at Joni Heart Photography. Here are some random facts about me:

I love God and am a spiritual person. I believe in His faith, love, and presence. I thank God in everything I do and who I am as a person.

I believe in spirits. And every person has a “personal” angel watching over them.

When walking with friends or in a pair, I don’t split the pole. It breaks the bond between two people. I read it in a book somewhere. My friends think I’m crazy, but I don’t care.

That half slice of cheese on McDonald’s Filet of Fish really grinds my gears! Can I get the whole slice?

I take on challenges with my whole heart.

Tom’s All natural toothpaste is the “bidness!”

Avocados are my heart! I put that ish on everything!

Working in my bare feet relaxes me. Don’t worry, my toes are polished and my feet don’t stink.

If God gave me the option to be a man or a woman, I would choose WOMAN each and every time!!

I consider myself to be a morning person even though most of the time I’m up all night.

My biggest accomplishment in life: being a big sister. I miss my lil’ sis, but everyday her spirit reminds me she’s still right here. My business is in honor of her spirit to never let anyone tell me I can’t do anything.

Pepsi is better than Coke. Period.

No I was not a photographer for my high school yearbook. I’m a self-taught photographer with a college degree in communications.