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Wedding FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Great price for your wedding deal expiring February 17 2014? What type of photos will you take in 4 hours?

This includes standard wedding photography images. Coordinating my arrival and departure is imperative so that I’m available for the important details. I will work to capture all necessary images involved in your day. The more I know, the better I can keep track of time. It’s highly recommended I’m in contact with your wedding coordinator/planner to hash out the time details.

What if 4 hours isn’t enough? How much for additional hours?

If you need more time, the additional rate is $200 per hour. If you should go over and need more time on day of wedding, you will receive a payment request in 24 hours for the overtime fees. No images will be released or viewed until overtime payment is paid.

Can we add another photographer to this package if I think one isn’t enough?

Yes. You can add one additional photographer for $100 (regular price $200). Second photographer overtime rate is $50 per overtime hour.

We’ve already taken engagement session photos. Can this wedding package rate be discounted or reduced?

Free is free. Which means the engagement session is separate from the wedding service. The session was added free as a special thank you. The free session is in place so we could work together before your big day. Unfortunately, if you have taken your engagement session photos or choose not to utilize the free session, there will be no reduction in the overall wedding service rate.

Will I receive full rights/copy rights to photos included?

Joni Heart Photography retains copyright of all images. You will receive “print permission” stating I am giving you permission to print photos outside my preferred printing labs. Keep in mind, we print professional images in our studio. With the printing permission release, you will be able to print elsewhere, yet professional print labs are strongly recommended in displaying your most memorable images.

Will I get the CD/DVD?

Technology is awesome! Why wait for a DVD to arrive in the mail when you can have it instantly! Your 100 favorite images will be available via a separate link where you can instantly download your images. This link will be available and emailed 14 days after your viewing gallery has been opened and you’ve selected your favorite 100. The email will explain instructions how to download and a special code ONLY you will have access to. You will have 5 days to download and store your images in a safe place.

Downloading digital files will take up too much space on my computer. Can I skip the digital download and get a CD?

Yes. There will be a $25 charge to receive a custom DVD with your favorite 100 images.

Will these images be in high resolution?

Yes! Your favorite 100 images you selected will be available via a download link 14 days after your viewing gallery opens.

When will the gallery be ready for viewing?

Post Production takes about 2 weeks to edit and prepare all images for viewing. You will receive an email when link is ready. Once received, you can share with guests, friends, family, or just about anyone you like!

I love all my photos! Can I have more than 100, like all of them?

Thank you so much! I take pride in my wedding photography. If choosing 100 is too hard and can’t live without any of them, getting more is easy! Each single high resolution digital file is $85. To purchase the entire gallery, the rate has been discounted to $685. You will receive all edited photos, video slideshow, and custom DVD.

Wow! If the digital file is $85, why is it priced $3 on the viewing gallery?

There are two types of digital files my studio works with: low resolution and high resolution. The viewing gallery shopping cart offers low resolution watermarked images. Some guests like to have a digital copy for use outside the viewing link. This file is only 400 megapixels, low quality for printing, only small enough to use online, and does not have print permission. High resolution is top notch quality with permission granting you shared copyright for printing. Lots of mumbo jumbo; but quality does have a price.

Do you offer wedding albums?

Yes! We have a large assortment of high quality, premium, ever-lasting photo wedding albums. Rates start at $600.

What's the price of the rest of your services? Can you send me a price list?

I offer a variety of wedding packages starting at $2400. My price list not here on the site because I want you to first see the quality of my work. This industry is saturated with photographers...most who under charge simply because they don't know the true value of what wedding photography is. Without knowing enough details about your budget, size, or needs, it would be a challenge to price fairly. Contact me and we'll discuss your budget and customize a package just for you.

I notice you had a Photobooth deal at Groupon. Can we add that too?

Yes! Adding a photobooth is easy! You can add the rate of $275 to your wedding service fee or purchase the voucher at

My friend is getting married too but not on or Can she get the deal too?

Yes! Simply forward your friend’s information or pass along mine. Tell her to mention your name. If she books, you’ll get 50 thank you cards with your one favorite image absolutely free! Now that’s a deal!

Your studio offers videography. How much to add on video services?

Our videography rates is $400 (regular price $800) to add to this amazing wedding deal. With the photographer and videographer paired together, we are able to create a “wedding fusion” video mixed with video and still images. You will receive 1 Master and 2 gift DVDs (total 3). All DVDs will include a sneak peek (perfect for social media posting), and complete wedding ceremony. The videographer overtime rate is the same at $200 per overtime hour.

How do we book you?

There is a required $500 deposit to book your date. The remaining amount must be posted 14 days before ceremony date. We can create a budget payment plan or you can post all in full.

How do we pay you?

I accept check, money order, credit card, or PayPal. PayPal is the best secured method when paying online. In case we work out a payment plan, there will be a $15 processing fee for any payments under $500 if paid by PayPal or credit card. There is no processing fee for checks or money orders.

I really want to take advantage of this deal, but I don’t have $500 now. Can you still work with me?

The booking rate of $500 guarantees your date is reserved only for you. Unfortunately, any amount less than $500 is not a guaranteed booking. We are happy to work out a payment for the remaining amount after the booking fee has been posted, as long as all fees are posted 14 days before the wedding date.

Our venue requires all vendors to be insured. Are you?

Yes! As wedding photographers, we are insured the 2 million dollar policy as required by wedding vendors. We will be happy to provide a copy to your venue or service requesting proof of insurance.

I’m ready to book. What do I do next?

Contact me as soon as possible. We will schedule a consultation to discuss your wedding details, answer questions, and customize your package. You will receive a copy of the contract by email a few days before we meet. Please have contract ready on our appointment date. The meeting should take about 30 minutes.